Political Scientist

I like to understand how things work and why – and political systems and thoughts allow me to explore, through scholarship, many questions of this nature. Whether you want to talk political philosophy, institutional evolutions, or contemporary trends, I’m interested in learning more.

Here’s what I’m working on in Political Science:

MPSA 2016: Floor Crossers in the Canadian House of Commons

IMG_1671 I’ve spent the last few years working with Dr. David Docherty, a Political Scientist and the President of Mount Royal University, on a Directed Study in Political Science themed around the “Democratic Deficit”. Most recently, Dr. Docherty and I explored the topic of floor crossing in the House of Commons, and came to realize some fascinating conclusions about the historical implications of “crossing the floor” in an active parliament.

We presented our work at the Midwest Political Science Association‘s 2016 Annual Conference in Chicago.