Summary of Coursework and Field Learning

I started my post-secondary journey at the University of Calgary, and briefly with the University of Lethbridge – I’m now a proud Mount Royal University student, where I’ve found my place. This summarizes my formal education.

Bachelor of Education

Foundational Courses – Fall 2012, Spring 2013

Foundational learning about education at the University of Lethbridge in Education 2500 (a practical exploration of life as a classroom teacher), and the University of Calgary’s Education 201 (theoretical and philosophical explorations into the function and methodologies of education).

  • Assessment: “Highly Recommended” Designation and Assessment Summary from the University of Lethbridge

Directed Study in Education (EDUC 4199) – Fall 2013/Winter 2014

Researched-based study in education, with a focus on technology in the arts. Presented this work at IDEAS 2014, the Dabrowski Congress, and Congress for the Social Sciences and Humanities 2016.

Pedagogical Technologies (EDUC 2325) – Fall 2014

Traversed the ways that technology can be used for learning (technology integration), and introductory methods of action research. A focus on how technology can be used to facilitate, plan, create a safe environment, and assess for learning. Importance was placed on technology being a tool for learning, and not a focus of learning.

Literacy in Learning (EDUC 2371) – Fall 2014

Explored the importance of literacy, and how learning to read, leads to reading to learn and the possibilities that follow. Learned about theoretical and practical approaches to language learning and the breadth of language in early education.

Effective Assessment (EDUC 2375) – WINTER 2015

Considered strategies for effective formative and summative assessment in learning. Advanced skill through a school placement in using assessment data to inform both development of learners, and development of teaching practice.

Philosophy of Education (EDUC 4321) – WINTER 2015

oneEndeavoured to discover one’s values and identity as a teacher, through the consideration of great teachers of the past and present. Explored the history of teaching, as well as our own personal learning journeys – and the significance of decisions and risks.

Teaching and Learning in Physical Education (EDUC 4105) – FALL 2015

Aspired to design authentic and integrative learning experiences in physical education, health, and wellness. Considered the changing nature of “Physical Education” in the K-12 context, and supporting the diversity of its learners.

TEACHING AND LEARNING IN Social Studies (EDUC 4107) – FALL 2015

Pursued a stronger understand of inquiry as it relates to the learning process. Developed and iterated inquiry thinking and learning design. Analyzed curriculum front-matter as a critical component of the teaching and learning process, as well as understanding the “unpacking” process of curriculum for teachers and students.


Explored the notion of creating culturally diverse classrooms that honour students’ individuality, culture, and ways of learning. Learned about protocols and means of working and learning with Aboriginal communities for a better and more inclusive future.

Special Needs and Inclusion (EDUC 3361) – WINTER 2016

Considered the diverse classroom of today and how to create inclusive spaces in which all learners can experience success. Explored the nature of special education, and how to support learners with varying needs.

Practicum I (EDUC 3010) – Fall 2016

Explored teaching and learning in a blended context including Grade 8 Humanities, Grade 7-8-9 Leadership, and Grade 8 Health. Teaching 50% of the time for approximately 5 weeks. Explored learning in and through the arts,

Teaching and Learning in Science K-8 (EDUC 3106) – Fall 2016

Imagined learning of science as a subject as an integration and way of learning. Developing an integrated curriculum inquiry, and creating a rich learning task for students to thrive in and outdoor learning environment.

Teaching and Learning in Mathematics K-8 (EDUC 3108) – Fall 2016

Learned in the context of mathematics learning as a course and as thoughtful integration including designing integration and analyzing student misconceptions to support learning.

TEACHING AND LEARNING IN Visual Art (EDUC 4101) – Winter 2017

Diving in to the ways that the arts can be meaningfully and purposeful integrated with learning in different subject areas and as a specialization on its own. Crafted plans, engaged in professional learning dialogue, and embraced reflective practice.

Practicum II (EDUC 4030) – WINTER 2017

Explored teaching and learning in Math and Science (Grade 5), Health (5), as well as developing and running a Coding elective. Supervised Art-club. Helped develop school blog to further visible inquiry and learning in the school community.

Education Capstone (EDUC 4201) – WINTER 2017

A professional-inquiry focused capstone course which helped to develop this professional learning plan, and explore the idea (as a personal project) of visible inquiry in learning for student success.

Minor in Political Science

A depth into Canadian, theory, and philosophy focused Political Science courses at the University of Calgary and at Mount Royal University, including a capstone directed-study (PLSC 4199) on the “Democratic Deficit”, specifically Floor Crossers in the Canadian House of Commons, with Dr. David Docherty.

Outcomes in the Political Science minor are closely connected to deep understands within the Social Studies K-12 Program of Studies (p. 1-12), chiefly in the Role of Social Studies which is to “students to become active and responsible citizens, engaged in the democratic process and aware of their capacity to effect change in their communities, society and world.”