Philosophy of Education

I see everyone as a learner on a multitude of continuums – each having something to offer others – and these are my beliefs about education. Accordingly, I share and would love to engage in conversations around these “we” statements that I believe about teaching and learning.

Core Values

  • Each of us are learners, and everyone can learn
  • Risk-taking and innovation drive progress
  • Integrity and authenticity are part of self-success

Beliefs About Teachers

  • We celebrate learning
  • We love the work that we do
  • We are facilitators of learning

Beliefs About Students

  • We each have unique gifts and abilities that should be recognized and celebrated
  • We each have goals, dreams and desires, which learning can help us to achieve
  • We all can learn, and can enjoy learning
  • We all can achieve and experience success

Beliefs About Teaching and Learning, and the Learning Environment

  • Learning is collaborative
  • Learning happens when students are engaged and empowered, and have a voice
  • Learning must be meaningful, and must have purpose

BELIEFS ABOUT Learning Growth and Development

  • Learning occurs through failures (First Attempt in Learning!) and through successes
  • Thoughtful reflection around clear goals supports or growth
  • Learning thrives in communities and with each other