Professional Teaching

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.33.29 AMAfter discovering MORE (Mental Health Online Resources for Educators), I have been taking a selection of their professional development modules (such as how to support refugee students, supporting students with anxiety, and how to support students who are perfectionists). These helped me realize that there are many experts that can support us in the broad area of child development, but that in many ways our work is the “front line” for supporting the development of people and we need to be aware of how to create inclusive environments that support their success.

In growing from my Practicum 1 goals, I’m excited to celebrate progress towards these goals:

Goal 1: Engage in educational and professional leadership, and positions to support and work to better teaching and learning in my practice and in my the larger context of my learning community:

  • Helped improve the visual engagement of the Connect Charter School blog by utilizing skills to contribute to community
  • Shared educational technology tools with colleagues
  • Volunteered to supervise an art club

img_0130November 2016 was an exciting time as I was privileged to attend both the Open Learning Consortiums Accelerate 2016 conference, and the Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (iSoTL)’s SoTL Symposim 2016. These were great opportunities to share my work, and to learn about other great work going on across the world.

Our work for OLC Accelerate is also being published in the British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET)’s special edition on Learning Partnerships (a link will be added once it’s available).

Original: November 7, 2014 – Updated: September 17, 2016

I have attended in participant roles, and presenter roles, a number of practice and professional development workshops and conferences, including:

  • Mount Royal University Student Research Days, 2014 (Presenter)
  • IDEAS 2014 Conference (Presenter)
  • Innovate West 2014 (Participant)
  • Dabrowski Congress 2014 (Presenter)
  • Classroom Management – ATA PD (Participant)
  • Calgary Teacher’s Convention 2015 (Participant)
  • Open Education Summit 2015 (Participant)
  • Managing Anxiety and Worry – MRU PD (Participant)

The 2015/2016 SAMRU Executive Committee

The 2015/2016 SAMRU Executive Committee

Teachers are leaders in their communities. During my time as a student, I was elected by my peers and spent a year working full-time as the Vice-President Academic of the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University.

In this role, I was the chief correspondent with the University community on matters of an academic nature related to students. I worked closely with the University’ President, Provost, Registrar, and Deans – as well as faculty. I was the chief representative on our Academic Parliament and spent much of the year advocating for changes and implementing policy.

I was supported by a team of volunteer student advisors who greatly informed by work, and . I’m also incredibly thankful to have come to this work as an educator – with pedagogical principles to guide my work.

My primary initiatives for the year included:

  • Awareness Campaigns on Student Rights
  • Readmission Opportunities and Success Programs for Vulnerable Students
  • A Fall Reading Week for Mental Health
  • Adoption and Growth of Open Educational Resources (OERs)


MY FUTURE IN Professional Teaching

Summary of areas I hope to explore in my learning, and some initial strategies and checkpoints:

  • Mentorship and “mentee”ship, as it relates to building and supporting learners (teachers or students), and how best to facilitate building these relationships:
    • Consult literature on learning partnerships
    • Reconnect with mentors to debrief successes in our mutual learning