Goal Growth in Assessment

In Practicum I, I identified assessment goals that I feel I’ve made significant progress towards in this final practicum:

Goal 1: Building capacity in acting on assessment data for student success: using data to inform practice, create opportunities for differentiation, and set individual learning goals for students and myself:

  • Planned loosely for the long term, but often adapted based on assessment data
  • Used statistical as well as observational analysis of data to check for student understanding
  • Created interview and check-in opportunities for specific students to achieve success
  • The continuing goal will be to capture more of this data on an ongoing basis

Goal 2: Developing abilities for sharing assessment data for student success: be it with parents, with students, and colleagues in the educational environment – so that each can play a role in supporting learners to be successful:

  • Parents are a part of the FreshGrade platform, and have access to (and can participate in) a dialogue around a child’s assessment
  • Celebrated children’s successes academically and otherwise by way of emailing parents
  • Experienced learning conferences, where the focus was celebrating student success and highlight areas for support and growth (specifically also developing students own ability to ask their parents for specific areas of support)
  • Experienced SLC’s and planning collaboratively with school-based experts to support children’s success

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